Saturday, September 17, 2011

As artists we create a life of art. A life of creativity and wonderous imagination. As humans we are artists at our core. We create a life that is wonderous. We create happiness and joy. We create a masterpiece. We also create hatred, sadness and unhappiness. We can also create the opposite based on the decisions we make. We then complain and worry about the reprocussions of our choices in life and then we spend most of our time with regret. Then we base our whole life on insecurities. We are not good enough to have a meaningful life. We are creators of a body of work called our life. We can actually create the life we want. Any situation we feel we are passionate about. We can actually live our deepest desires. I am not talking about material posessions but more meaningful ideas. I am imparting to you the wisdom that was given to me over a lifetime of people in my life who can see beyond our existence. Only now I have realized that dream they had for me and their loved ones. I only now realize that the description of what these wise people were teaching me was something very powerful. Only a small portion of the history of humanity was and is aware of this special power all humans have since birth. It is something we all practive daily. It is something we all know and use. We all have the knowledge of this power in our being. We all can create for ourselves and masterpiece of life. And yet we distract ourselves with our daily routine. Our daily bitching and moaning of how our lives are shit. We complain of how others have it better. How come they have what I want? What makes them special? We are all special. Some of us get it and some of us dont. some of us have it and do not appreciate and some of us had it and did nto appreciate it and now it is gone. Some of use always envy others and put ourselves down like i said before. WE have to own the idea and feeling that we are all powerful and able to create a life we passionately desire. Be happy and appreciate what you have for whatever capacity you have. Be happy for the ability to choose to be happy. no body is twisting your arm to be sad unhappy or bored with life. no body is holding a gun to your head to be unhappy. and if someone is holding a gun to your head to be unhappy they still do not have control you choose to be happy and filled with joy even in the darkest of hours. even in the final moments i would rather coose to feel joy before my physical existence expires and that way i won the battle in the mind to the end so to speak. I can carry this joy to my next life of ............

I am bored and sick of unhappiness. it is so played out. Crying over bullshit. Being sad over everyday stuff. I go over and over what makes me unhappy. complain to others and make them sick of hearing about it. boo hooing to them. eventually they get tired of it and it wears them down and then you have just created a life of distraction for them they cannot focus on their happiness and joy because you have filled their head up with your bullshit. so it is an ongoing cycle. families are the worst for doing this. We create a world that is false. we act like our problems are worse then the next person. our degree of pain and how we internalize it is not the same as the next person. Yet we try to convince our loved ones that our life is so bad. And that we had it so rough. in reality we had the opportunity to experience life the way we did and we should have used those experiences to strengthen our character and move forward stronger and more powerful because we overcame that adversity.  what is so wrong with choosing to be creating a fulfilling life for ourselves. What is wrong with wanting to be filled with joy all day long. What is wrong with wanting to love. Love all day long. Love who you say is the enemy. have compassion for that person that always is sad. give more love to your children parents that cousin that lives alone or that friend that calls you and you never call back. what is wrong with reaching out and letting your love be contagious? does it take too much effort on your part? are you in your comfort zone in life. do you like waking showering shitting go to work come home eat sleep and then the same all over again? is it comfortable to you to just be less than average? Step out of your comfort zone and reach out to who is really you. we are all from love. it took a real understanding creator and a loving creator to create such beautiful masterpieces of humanity. we are pure love at our core and yet we destroy that with all of our fear, craziness and hatered. hatred towards what? fear?

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