Monday, October 10, 2011

Talking About Art

As visual artists we want to display our inner most passion. that which we create will give us freedom to that emotion that is inside of us. Some of us artists like to use the art we create as a sort of therapy. We use it as an outlet to heal us. We let our soul talk to the outside. Sometimes our soul talks to us through our art. We are so connected to our soul and most of the time it is screaming at us and we ignore it. We have our natural gifts we spend a lifetime running away from. We meet our soul mates on earth and we walk right by them, work next to them, stay friends with them, be mean to them and we do not even know these people will make our lives peaceful. We have these natural gifts that God our creator created us with. We already had these gifts from before we were born. Some think we are just an explosion in small atoms that all of the sudden emerged as some creation. We are much more than that.

If we are so connected to our souls then as artists we can know w hat to create to stir emotion in others. We know the color that moves. We can heal with our work and let our work talk for us. when I view others work I want to see if I can feel the energy that was given to that piece. Was their passion and emotion used to create that piece or was it just a piece done out of necessity to supply the public with a purchase. Something for the artist to survive with. A tool to receive monetary gain or compensation. Sometimes we have to compromise to make a living with our gifts. Or do we? If I am asked to create a commissioned piece then I will put all of my heart into that piece and love that work. I want to give that person a piece that they can feel not just see. Art should speak to us. It should move us. We should be able to see and truly feel what is being conveyed. We are an emotional  species. We need to be moved to be satisfied. We need our art to talk to us.

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