Friday, September 9, 2011

Keep That Smile No Matter What

It is not easy smiling in the face of adversity. We can surely create our lives to give us joy by being ultra happy all the time. Reality is that the world around us can be overwhelming. The News we see reported is very bleek at times. One or two positive stories here and there. The newscasters and reporters smile when the ugly story is told. That gives you an adea right there that they are so used to the crap they tell. Sad stories to them are ratings. I try not to watch the reality of this world.

What is ironic is the true reality of this world is actually a positive one. People are generally nice and loving. We humans have a desire to be loved and admired by others. We want acceptance and appreciation. We want to be cared for and spoiled emotionally. We yearn for that motherly love. Our instinct as children is to seek out nurturing. As we mature through our formative years we are trained and learn what our environment teaches us. If our environment is negative and harsh then we adapt and conform naturally to protect ourselves from dissappointment. Children who are around violence since birth will grow to accept and think it is normal for them. Children who are nurtured and loved, cared for and protected will feel compelled to express that love forward. It is true that dramatic experiences do shape the character of an adult. We carry the memories throughout our lives. They surface when certain emotions are triggered by similar situation or experience. Then we regress to that moment in time. Some of us our strong and find strength from that experience. We learned to use these triggers to rise above. Some of us never blink. Eventually everyone faces their so called demons. We all make peace with our rights and wrongs.

The question is how do we keep smiling through the pain and discomfort in the journey we experience. Our life is full of experience. We love. We loose. We cry laugh and experience so many emotions. We experience physical and emotional pain. We survive. We live short and long lives. We say hello to new loved ones and say hearfelt goodbyes to passing loved ones. How do we stay upright? How do we deal and face our reality? How do we keep our reality a positive happy one? Maybe the secret to this joy is in us and always has been. Go back to what I wrote earlier. We were children with the instinct to love and be loved. That is at our core and who we really are. That is what dominates our being at birth. We are loving souls. If there is birth in life than for certain there will be death. Acceptance of this truth is key to moving foreward. It does not matter who or what we are. We are all connected to this truth. Everyday is a gift of a new start. A new beginning. Yesterday was a time to be thankful for whatever the experience. Was a moment spent with a loved one for the last time? We need to be thankful for everyday we live as to not have a regret. I understand there are many people in this world that led painful experiences and horrible hardships. I would not want to try and assume what they went through. I could not even begin to guess how why or how they reacted and internalized the experience. I think of the holocaust survivors. Before they were taken and rounded up....Did they have positive experiences? Loving families. Day to day joy? Were they uprooted from a family unit and everything changed from one day to the next? Yes I imagine so. The majority were murdered. Did they have regrets? I cannot even imagine the answer.

Whatever happens tomorrow...I do not know. Today I called my mother and told her I love her. I painted my masterpieces. I fell in love. I am a grandfather. I raised wonderful children. I do not have regrets and if there was something I have not acheived before my last breath it was something I must have not wanted bad enough or gave it enough passion to create in my life otherwise it would have happened. I am responsible for the task at hand for as long as I can see and feel this hand. I have a few things I want to do still. But for now giving thanks for what I have and have had is good. looking forward and taking the step towards those goals are grand. If I reach that point of success...wonderful. If I go to bed for the last time before that time then my life was complete.

So today I smile. Take a deep breath before I sleep and give thanks.

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