Monday, September 26, 2011

What Is Love?

What is love to you? I asked this in a very popular social network we all use called Facebook. I had a few interesting answers. Everyone has passionate answers. The word love conjures up some very emotional responses. If you are wondering why I am asking people about love in an art page here is my answer. If you are alive on this earth you have a chance everyday to create a life for yourself to go in any direction you wish. Most of us have the choice to feel the way we want to. If we have a choice to create for ourselves the life we want or desire or need...then we are creators ourselves. If we are creators we are artists. If we are artists and creators we have a passion for what we create. if we have a passion for that which we create we love that certain thing. In order to take the time to create something you have to be pasionate about it and love it to sacrifice the time and effort to give birth to an idea.

Getting back to love. What is love. A passion? A feeling? An object we desire? Is it romance? Is it a lifestyle? Am I confusing you with my rants yet? Have I started the thinking process in your peanut head yet? For me LOVE is huge. Love is something more powerful than just a word. Love is a way of living. I open my eyes in the morning and remember not to take for granted that I awoke. I have been given a gift to start a new day. An opportunity to connect with the world in a positive way. I remember to show compassiona nd love to my fellow man. Smile at someone. Cause and effect. Smile and they feel good(or not) but I tried. Deep inside we are all romantics and lovers. We all care for our fellow man. At our core we are children. When children get together and they do not know each other they want to play. If they are negative they have learned this or their innocence has been affected by man. If it was a disease they acquired during the pre birth, or transmitted during the birth, or trauma. A childs innocence is sacred. They look for love until they are taught otherwise. They learn by loved ones and someone they trust or all that they know.

Love is all around us asking and begging to be recieved. We do not want to give. It is free. Free to give and free to recieve. A smile, handshake and pat on the back is free. We put on a wall of protection to the outside becxause the world is full of deception. We are always on the look out for the scam artist. If we see someone say hello or greet we think they want something. What is the hidden agenda? I am a visual artist that creates pieces of artwork for all to enjoy viewing. I have epople like and dislike my stuff. Some dislike mor ethan like. It does not matter to me. The few that like show so much emotion and love towards me it fils me with joy because they tke to heart my passion and love me for it. That is priceless. Would I take the money? YES! But I have more satisfaction by their responses. Money gets spent immediately, the emotion they relay to me lasts far longer.

Lets get to the meat and bones. Love is acceptance of your fellow human being. We are all different. We are unique. Love is being thankful. Love is charity. Giving of yourself emotionally when others are in need. Love is unconditional. Forgiveness is important. Love is overwhelming. Love is respect. Love is joy. love is positive. Just know we are all connected and love one another. These are my thoughts. Like them? Read them. Hate them? Read something else.

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