Friday, March 26, 2010

Are we in the art business or creative a lifestyle?

"Are we in the art business or creative a lifestyle?"

"Only the ones who don't sell art are in creative lifestyle only but those fortunate ones who sell art are in both....what do you think?"
I think we should all take on the attitude of it being a lifestyle. We should live and breathe our creativity. Experience and express our soul. If we are given monies in exchange for our work it is a compliment to our work. If we are spoiled because of our gift then we should be thankful and continue to create to reach more people under the assumption that it is temporary. Always staying humble and appreciating that honor where people want to reward us. It is a business at that point....but we should always process it internally as a lifestyle. Something we love. We choose to do. We never HAVE to paint. We are not forced to because of....We WANT to and NEED to because of our calling.



  1. Hello, this is Cyndee, we met at the show tonight. Great stuff, I love the graphic quality juxtaposed with the color blended textures. And its soo vibrant! Nice meeting you, Daniel!

  2. I couldn't have put it better myself. I'm in a position where I am possibly turning my art into a career (since I don't have much else to offer as a way to make money) but fear that I may lose my love of what I do. Looking at it as a temporary gift will definitely help that. Thanks!