Thursday, September 17, 2009

I cleaned my Garage For this.

My last post I was talking about how our painting makes us feel good and in turn it will inspire others to feel what we feel through Art. I think that is our objective. We need to find an outlet or some form of purpose to our lives. I know my purpose is God given in my eyes. I was given a gift and it had to be from whoever is in charge because I have wanted to create since I was very small. I know some of you may say that all children are artistic or curious in crafts. But i remember like it was yesterday I have always wanted to make others happy. I always wanted people to smile. I went through some changes in my life along the way as we all do...I hurt people and became a self centered person thinking of me. I love Art because it takes care of both. I get to take care of my needs and inspire and bring what I feel to someone else with my art and not words where I can fumble. I give my Art away and it feels good. I know I can sell it but then I would think I work in a swapmeet. in a booth selling my art. If I am going to go through the trouble to sell my stuff then I will do it right! I will charge a shitload sell it to people I dont know make them smile with their expendable income and then I can pay the bills and have the free time to paint works that I can give away! HEy that is a Robin Hood mentality. I am not selling out I am simply categorizing and prioritizing my customer base. Ok that did not make sense. So Ill get to the point of this blog.

Lately I have been wondering where I was going to show for my first show. I had conversations and interesting invites but never had the good feeling to accept and commit. I always found an excuse. A few weeks ago I noticed in our cuty we had an event while I was at the bank with my wife. Our city has organized a First Friday Art thing. Bands w/ music and local Artists set up and entertain at the local restaraunts and pubs that are participating. I submitted an application for curiousity. It looked interesting. I figured long list and I would be lucky if I got a reply to tell me Thanks but...ha ha on you...Surprisingly I recieved an e-mail from the coordinator and she was interested in my make a long story short I will be showing for the first time in a venue ala restaraunt Friday October 2nd. WOW. this is exciting. It is in my city. Very cool and local. I might even get some free food if they like my art! Hey you never know. I will finally get a feel for a response from the general public of the type of work I do. At first I was very anxious. Now I am looking forward to it and frankly I dont give a flying cows butt what people think in general. If I can reach out to a few people and connect with them through my art then I know there are alot more of them around. 6 billion people on earth....I have a good chance.

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