Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art Is Alive Within You

I am getting tired of the people that are whining and complaining that Art is dead. Do something about it. Why is Art dead in your eyes? Because if you are an artist and Art is dead to you then you are not connected to Art. Are you involved in your community and actually seeing why it is dead. If you are not involved somehow to the enrichment of our lives through the Arts then you are dead in Art. I was worried about all the voics calling that Art is dead and started to believe that all this internet stuff was taking over our focus as artists in what we love the most...which is creating masterpieces to inspire others to be alive and happy. Seeing something beautiful created by anothers humble hands is very wonderful. Knowing that someone is so gifted and loves what they do to share it with everyone is amazing to me. All we have to do is go find and look. Talk to the artist and thank them either by words of encouragement or your wallet. either is a great way. I finally am going to share my work with the public after all htese is a long time  coming. It is a humble venue but a big thing for our city. there is an organization in our city where local business owners partner in getting Artists and Musicians together in their respective establishments to showcase their work. A short portion of the Blvd is blocked off so the residents of our city can stroll up and down visiting these Artists and Musicians. The intent of this program is to reach out to EVERYONE and show them what the Arts are all about! Every first Friday of every month. If Art is dead Look at your local community and see if they are alive. Look around.

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