Tuesday, March 22, 2011

With the world always seeming to fall apart around us I always can count on the art in my soul to keep me inspired and positive. Lately it seems as if everything seems so dismal and saddening. I have found peace within the walls of my artistic fortress. I can be on a plane on the way to work and feeling down because I hear conversations from the other passengers that the sky is falling and yet If I start a conversation with my fellow passenger sitting next to me ....it never fails to amaze me that art is a apart of our conversation. I always have a wonderful chat regarding creativity of some sort. Our lives need uplifting and what better way of lifting our mood up than to talk about art.

We as humans are always facing catastrophic events. History never escapes recording such frightening times in our journey where lives are lost and scores of souls are released from their bodies. Where do they go? Only God knows. We are here. We as in all who can read my words. The handful of you that have decided to share my thoughts. Thank you. With all that is going on how do you expect to stay so grounded and positive in your lives? With all the tragedy how can we manifest our lives into something we can hand off to our children. Is there a beautiful silver lining to all of this nonsense? Some venture to say that it is the earth itching and change will cause change in our world. Cataclysmic events of huge proportions, the human factor deciding change for their future. Freedom abound! What direction is it going? I don't know. All I know is my children look to me for some kind of awe inspiring answer. All I can say is feel and stay positive. All we can say is that. See yourself being and feeling happy. Look at where you want to be tomorrow and dream. Cry laugh. Desire to be happy daily! If tragedy hits your doorstep? what steps did you take to avoid it? Were you living a paranoid life worrying all the time about things that might or might not happen? Was your thought process thinking of ways to avoid tragedy? Were you preparing for the worst and planning for plan B? Was your time consumed with when we have that big event? I wish and hope it never comes! Or ..Or Were you seeing yourself happy and appreciating every moment with loved ones. Enjoying the time you do have and smiling instead of frowning. Laughing instead of being angry. Singing instead of complaining. We all have a choice to turn the script and flip the result. We do not have to have such a dramatic life and yet if drama ensues then we need to be courageous and be happy. Truly happy.

It is easier said than done I always am told that I am living a fantasy now and sometimes I let it sink in that being happy is false. I have walked away from relationships and conversations in my life that sicken me and make me unhappy. I limit my contact with these people and try to focus on being happy inside out trying not to fake being happy from the outside hiding what really is inside. I try and match the mood to reflect my heart. I reach out to people that are positive to help me get our of it. My art is always a good way to exercise thanks. My gift. I love to express myself to others by giving them art to love. I love to show my appreciation in my art. So many artists are selfish and they do not give themselves a chance to experience this love and feedback from others. We as artists are natural creators. We create artworks to give life to an image or an idea. We then create love with our works in people. People give birth to inspiration from our works. They feel emotion and give life to happiness in their hearts. It is infectious. People next to them want to know why they are happy...Art made them happy. Someone else's creation inspired them to smile. To cry with joy that someone connected with them though their works.

We as artists need to carry that responsibility. It is not hard. All we do is create and create. Show our work to the world and the rest will take care of itself. If you think you are not adequate then think again....We all have different tastes and uniqueness about us. We all connect to different foods flavors and tastes. We all have a certain preference in things. As such our choice for art. We all have a connect. We all are different in that regard as well. What you might paint today might not connect with someone in the moment but later your piece will talk volumes to another soul. Continue to create. Be a responsible creator and let people love you. Love others through your creativity. Open up and be seen.

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