Thursday, March 17, 2011

If you are reading this you either know me, have met me through my art somehow, work related, or are a loved one of mine. Either way you find it in you to keep track of what I am writing. Some of you have connected with my rants in some way. Others.....I do not know the purpose for you to visit my blog. If you are interested in my art thank you for your support. If you know me personally you will know the internal struggles I go through regarding my creative side. As will all artists of any genre we all have something that inspires us. Whether it be a person or thing or situation. A feeling we have sets us off into a frenzy and we create the most amazing things. I have realized I have a following. What a responsibility. I guess you can know you have a following when people know you by your art and not any personal relationship you have with them. It is a compliment when I have heard my name come out of peoples mouths ddescribing my work and I do not know who they are right in front of my face. Very humbling because I do not have that high regard for my work. I am just an average guy who has a pasion for my work. I have a pasion for people and their creativity. I love talking to epople in general and helping. I love beiong a part of helping people get out of their bad way and think and live positive. I know sounds really corny but that is what life is about for me. I want to create full time and enjoy the last of my days as an artist. I see it. I will accomplish that before I leave this earth. I lived it this past year and have a wonderful memory of it. Lately I have been traveling for my work as a contractor. That is what they call people that are for hire without benefits temporarily for a certain amount of time and at any time they can say thank you good bye. I have not been able to create much since I have been traveling. It is frustrating. I am still happy. I am happy meeting people and visiting the art galleries where I visit. It seems as if I am always meeting people where I visit that are artists in the most random of places and they have totally unrelated jobs. I enjoy ev ery moment and try to remember not to take it for granted and appreciate the experience. I have met so many beautiful souls. People I have had the opportunity to reach out to and help encourage them in some way. It is remarkable the hospitality of strangers. I have experienced wonderful friendships in my life time. Some come and then go. Some have been lifetime friendships. I value all of the friendships I have had over the years and am very thankful because everyone has had a part in my maturation. My life is a journey that gives me lessons to be learned. I used to ask why I was going through all the trouble and what do I teach my children about this journey. What do I say when they ask why are we here? I used to question why. I did not know nor did I have an answer. Do I have an answer now? NO. But I know I have a purpose. I am an artist. My soul tells me to create. The fiber of my being tells me to Love everyone and be generous with myself. It goes deeper than just being nice to everyone. It goes beyond having compassion for my fellow man. It is a process we go through. To appreciate everyone and Love everyone is easier said than done. To appreciate the relations we have. That is humbling. As an artist we take all the experiences and turn them into either inspiration for a masterpiece or imagery. For me I have to be happy with myself to create. I have to be letting something go to create. I cannot create with nothing. I cannot divulge the secrets to my soul and not feel like my Art is the vesel in which I tell the story. We have to have passion when we create or others will see right through it. We cannot be fakes when it comes to it. We have to be genuine with regards to our work. We might be shit in our life but when we express ourselves and let the world in real . our work is what we live for. That is our purpose.

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