Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wow this is going to be a loaded article. I do not even know where to start with this one. I know my garb can sometimes...or always come out like babbling But I guess it is healing to just let it out unscripted and raw. People can relate. Maybe someone can relate to me. I do not know how many people are still logging on to my articles...for the few that still are here it goes.

Artists all want to show their work and have some sort of recognition. Whether it is by family friends or a larger scale....the public. Or even worse the art scene in general. We all want to guage and see where we stand against our peers. We all differ as artists and all have our own voice and uniqueness. Yet we all want to see if we can get as much attention as our our fellow creators. Attention. Yes attention. We all want that comfort. We all want and yearn for being accepted. Our work to be loved and admired. It feels good. We get a sense of completeness. We all want that feeling. People in awe of our work. We can sit back and enjoy the groups looking and staring at our work. It feels really good.

We all want the above aforementioned. Sometimes this is not attainable by ourselves. We all need a little help. So we meet and greet. We attend shows and events in hopes of meeting that person that can help us get there. We all dive into this very world we promised we would not be a part of. The ass kissing I need to be friends with your tight stuck up ass in order to get my work shown. They have the control. And if we stand up for ourselves because they offend us we lose out on the opportunity. How do we deal with these people? Shit  have been in a crazy journey. I have met good and bad. I have made what I thought were friends. And they end up being selfish people with their own agendas disguising themselves as people who love art and are there for the good of the artists. There are so many sharks. I personally like to deal with the professional courteous gallery owner or curator. they are all about business. They leave the ass kissing for the street. Your work speaks for itself with them. You know they are impressed because they are actually taking the time out of their very busy day to talk and work with you.

We really do not need to be buddies with these people. I understand where they are coming from. You have a product that has been untested and they are taking a chance with you. That is all fine and dandy. But if you are going to be working with artists be professional and organized. Be on time. Keep your promises. Keep them informed. I know it is asking a lot...but not really. Most artists are already insecure as it is. The new artists up and coming want to feel confident they are being helped by the right person. You had a lot of excitement and energy when you met the artists promising them you will show their work and give them a nice venue. Keep that energy and excitement. Show them that passion. Hide your frustration and do not complain when they are trying to overcome their fears. These artists are new to this crazy world. Show them some respect and do not treat them like they are dumb. They know about life....they just are not familiar with the art them understand it. If you are not up to par with working with people and dealing with some pretty eccentric personalities then go dig ditches for a living. At least it is just you and dirt.

For the artists....hang in there. Keep painting and watch out for the sharks. Watch out for the "You owe me" attitude. You should not feel like you owe anyone when dealing with your work. If someone is KIND enough to work with you then they will get all they need back from you if they work with your art correctly, market it professionally, use your talent to get what they need(money) that is the gesture they are looking for....monetary compensation. They also like the exposure and notoriety. DO NOT pay someone to show your work. Consignment is a word you need to learn. "I'll do you this favor" is not a phrase you want to hear. Do not let the person working with you play head games. Just because a gallery is well known doesn't mean it is the right one for you.

For Curators/Gallery Owners/Promoters.....Treat us with respect. For those of us that are new to this us out. We are just trying to learn. We have so much to learn. We are scared. We are very hungry as you are for the exposure and the excitement of being in this wonderful community of art. We can all get along much better if there was a level of respect that we all had to follow. Head games? We do not need them. Respect. Love. Inspire. 

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