Thursday, November 12, 2009

Post or NOT to Post....Art BLOG?

There was a very good reason I started writing this blog. Somehow that reason turned into a pipe dream. I wanted to reach peopl and connect with the artists that can inspire me and motivate me. I started to interact with some and somehow I lost them. I do not know If they just got bored of what I had to say or their lives got busy. I guess it does not really matter. I should still write anyway. Life is always marching on. I always have a thought or two about what I paint wnat to paint or have painted. I always have a thought or two of the rules people put on artists and how they SHOULD be doing things. When I create I do not want rules. I just want to create colorful enjoyable bold statement lovely hopeful crazy bright happy sad etc......all of the above kind of works with no boundaries.

I think we set our own limits to what we can do in life. When it comes to art I have talked with fellow artists whom are so gifted and classically trained. They have learned from the brightest of teachers. They have spent a large amount of money for their degrees and reall yhave benefited from the training. I am sure they have expanded their knowledge of technique and their range of creative tools is huge. Does that make sense? In other words they know a lot. I ask myself this....did they sacrifice passion for this education? Did they create a barrier for themselves when it comes to the creative process? I often wonder if I should have continued with my education instead of going for the dollar. My life experiences has brought me back to my love for creating. My situation and circumstances have brought me here to this point in my life. Could I have done it sooner Would I have been burned out from shoving all that info in my head about how and where and who....when creating? I will never know. All I know is my education is networking, talking, experimentation, watching, listening..... I love people. I love to learn about their lives and feel their emotions. I love to see people pleased about where they are at in life. I also love the tragedy of life and the recovery. It is very satisfying to me to see healing. We all know there will be tragedy in life...the true character in a person is their fortitude. How they bounce back. My passion for my work is my way of healing. My passion for creating works of art is my way of helping people heal. Seeing the hope n someones eyes when they are given a piece I have created is a remarkable feeling. If they connect with my work it is a very fulfilling moment for me.

Ok. What does all of thi shave to do with blogging. Everything. I just wrote all of this down. I just took a chance that someone reading this will connect with what I am saying and maybe I said it in a way that makes sense to them. I may have touched on a subject one day that can help them understand their own thought. I am a very raw and basic writer. I have a very small amount of formal education. I am not the brightest light in the lamp. I speak humbly and am always evolving learning and trying to apply my life to my work. I am who I am if you are interested in learning together then lets blog and interact together.

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  1. Hi Daniel! I just found you on Twitter, so came here to check out your blog. I'll add you to my google reader, so I remember to come back when you update. I have only read a couple of your entries, but I like your style of writing and art.