Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nervous Pre Exhibition Jitters?

WOW. What a weekend. Friday night I had a wonderful opportunity to shocase my work again at Elise's Tea Room in Long Beach California. All was going smoothly. We set up the work and hung them beautifully. My family brought me dinner so we can be all set to go. As I was finishing my meal people started to walk in looking for the artist. I spoke with several and everyone was very pleased. A couple with their children came in and introduced themselves. I had been waiting for this person to arrive. As we were talking I felt very weak and nauseous. We continued the conversation and I tried to tough it out..to no avail. I excused myself and did not return to the gfallery area for about an hour or so. I missed the meat of the night. I do not wan tto get into what was going on over that porcelain. I thought at the time it was the food.....but...in retrospect I am starting to believe it was nerves. How could I be so nervous? This is an exciting time. Poeple are actually responding positively to my work. Subconsciously I was scared. Scared of the rejection or the negative. There was none. It was a very special night. I am so thankful for people in my life who support me in this change of life direction. Creating pieces of work that will inspire people to love the Arts and rejuvinate that childlike love for Art. I remember as a child how special it was to pick up a paint brush or a colored pencil set. I loved seeing the vibrant colors being applied to the surface. today my life consists of creating, networking, creating, dreaming, shaking hands, creating and talking about our love for Art!  I guess I still have a fear I will wake up one day and someone will tell me I am crazy and to stop! I do not want to stop! I wan tto create for the rest of my life. Will I say goodbye tomorrow? If I do say goodbye tomorrow I will have done what I have wanted to do the most in my whole 43 years of living. I am recognized as an Artist. I am recognized as an artist because I love creating. I love sharing my work. I enjoy seeing people look at my work. I stare right at them and see their reactions to my texture, to the rust, to the subject....it is very overwhelming. I might lose my house this year, I might not be driving the sporty cars anymore like I am used to, I might not be able to spend money as easily as before, but I am creating everyday and I am in love with the creative process. To me it is worth it. I will survive. I have just changed my direction. Inspiring others to love the Arts. Networking with other wonderful talented artists to collaborate with each other to be like minded in this cause.

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