Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Soul Is Fearless

I find myself afraid of my creative soul sometimes. It wants to do what I am afraid of trying. I talk to my soul to find out what direction to go in and it points towards the unexpected. The dreams and vision my soul has for my art is too high and the person my soul sees as fulfilling this dream cannot be me! I question myself. I am unsure if my ability to measure up to my soul. I ignore it. I continue being subpar. I continue to just get by. My soul is angry and it feels trapped in a cage. I get sick because of the turmoil inside of me. My moods are not normal because I cannot tap into the wisdom of God that is in my spirit. I try and figure it out with my conscious efforts knowing that the truth is inside of me. In order to listen to my soul I have to be brave. My soul is fearless. It wants to fly without wings. It wants to walk on water. It wants to walk through fire. It wants to punch Mike Tyson in the face. My soul is instinctively courageous. My soul wants to create the unimaginable.
Everyday I contemplate what my life would be like if I just listen and follow instructions. My passion resides in my soul. My soul intimidates me. My soul is powerful and fearless. I am more afraid to not listen and at the end of my journey I will spend the last few moments in regret. 

Oh my soul direct my path... I Love You and Trust You. 

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