Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Love Art Shows (now)

I hate Art shows. I went to the LA Art Show this past weekend and I ALMOST validated the reason why I hate the large art shows. It was at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The reason I disliked the art shows is because of the art I want to see and never seem to find. I have always loved cubism, impressionistic works and lately I have been finding modern artists whenever I go to a large event. I love local artists because they are not bitten by the commercialization of art. I believe that some galleries feed into the trending art. Of course they would in order to make sales.
I understand that art is subjective and the perception of the viewer. I might like something that I enjoy looking at and the next person might not appreciate the same as me. I get it. So with that said…. The majority of the stuff I found I did not like. But like I explained that is my perception and I am entitled to my opinion. I love cubism. I walked around the event looking for cubist artists for an hour and did not find any artists that would wow me. I did not go to the event as an artist. I went as an art lover. I wanted to be wow’d. I was getting ready to give up and leave the event disappointed that I did not find the art I am so passionate about. I did see some amazing work and I loved it. But I wanted to see works that move me. I finally found an artist that did just that.
Yuroz is an amazing cubist artist.120423051892 yurozI was WOW’d. the event was almost closing its doors and I wanted to stand there and look at his art for hours. He had amazing pieces and I felt like I connected with all of them. To me this is the present day Picasso. But then again what do I know., I am just a self taught artist I did not study nor did I follow art. I enjoy creating art for people to enjoy and be inspired. The emotion I felt was amazing. I had chills going through my soul. I felt alive. I was in a state of euphoria. I felt like I was high on drugs!
All of the emotions I felt when I was looking at this amazing art that I connected with, I felt…. I want to create art that peolle connect in that way. I want to make people feel that way about my art. I want to create art that I am passionate about that way it comes through in my work. I am finally creating works that I love and I feel that my soul is truly enjoying expressing. In the past I felt I had to compromise myself in order to get noticed by creating works that did not truly reflect who I am. Yuroz captivated me like I want to captivate others. If I have a handful of people that love my works in that way I will be happy with that.
I think as artists that is what we should all strive for. The enjoyment of bringing appreciation and love for the Arts. I truly know my calling as an artist. I have been self taught because I was stubborn. I did not want to go to school and learn someone elses ideals. But wehat I did not realize is that by educating myself I could have learned more to help myself grow in ways that I could not have taught myself. Maybe…maybe not. I do not regret not educating through the formal aspect… In retrospect I might have benefited from Art History in the genre I was interested in. If I were to do it all over again… the only thing I would do differently is paint more and frequent.
If you are an artist paint. Paint often. Go see other works live. Go participate in the events. See the works up close and personal. Study the textures. The brushstrokes. The clarity of colors. See the grain of the canvas and how the paint is applied. Look at the grandeur of the pieces. See the detail and appreciate it as an artist first and see the piece as if you are not an artist. Feel the emotion that the art gives you. Fall in love with creating over and over again!

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