Thursday, December 31, 2015

What Do I Paint Next Year?

The question is not what am I going to paint next year.....the question is what am I going to paint with? Am I going to be passionate or just continue to paint because I want to.... We always need to do the things we love the most with all the passion our soul can give. We need to leave it all out on the canvas. We need to always live in the present and leave all the sadness behind. Creating artwork with passion. If you have sadness in your heart leave it on the canvas. Healing through art is so liberating. Do not deny what you want to create in that state of mind. We all have to go through the pain....sometimes we create amazing things when we are feeling pain. But make sure to create and leave it there. Do not create in pain continuing to feel the pain.

I have been told art is therapy and there are behavioral science practices to give art therapy to patients. It works. In my humble opinion when we tap into our soul and let the joy come out through our art that is instant healing. When we talk to our soul we are healing. Our soul is powerful. That inner energy we tap into is amazing. When we are stressed out we do not rely on our subconscious or essence to take care of the problem.... we try and think our way out of things from the exterior. We are filled with voices and ideas from outer things. We forget to quiet our minds and look within for the answers. Say what you want about this theory. Don't read this if you don't agree. Log off of my blog. But I know, I have seen and experienced this phenomena first hand.

Create from your soul. Quiet your mind! Create amazing pieces and turn your pain to an Art gain! I know that was cheesy.

I Love You my amazing Art community!

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