Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Perceptions are everything in life. How we perceive what is seen heard and felt, emotionally and physically. We should not be quick to judge. There are some situations that are not quite as they seem on the surface when we are on the outside looking in. We have to take a step back at times and assess the situation. If you are interested in drama and controversy then that message is not for you to adhere to. You will be always quick to judge. You will hang someone for a fart tagging it a Chernobyl event. For those of you that do not know history...an ultra tragic event causing death and destruction, contamination, fear etc..... 

I try to be careful when listening to people vent to me to not quickly judge the situation or the person they are speaking about. I go into the situation with an open mind listening to the facts. I want to fully support a loved on or a friend making sure my focus is on them. I cry with them, I laugh with them...I do not give bandwagon opinions. I just listen.We need to be as subjective as possible when dealing with peoples personal lives. Perceptions are everything. We see what we choose to see in life. We make our assumptions based on the way we feel about the world. Right now the news is playing a critical role in our society and they are shaping the opinions of our children by what they report and how they report it. In most cases they are just taking a picture. We make the assumption based on the image we see on the screen. The media produces commentaries from a bias point of view based on the stations agenda. Are we educated enough in a popular opinion to watch? What is another source of information that gives us options? The internet? The internet is driven by our preferences. WE do not go to the RIGHT search query for the correct opinion..... We choose what feels good, what stimulates us. I would hate to describe what most men and women search for as a source for information. Our external influences as children are the environment we are raised in. We are shaped there.

Parenting. All of our perceptions are formed in the early years. Our bad habits are carried over to our children. We are the cycle. We watch and view what we created. If we sit by and blame others for the state of affairs in our surroundings, Can we do anything about what has already been created? We change our perceptions. We change the way we treat one another. One by one we love one another. We teach our children and grandchildren the right way to live. The right way to live is to just love one another. The rest takes care of itself. I honestly believe that. At least we can start there and open a dialogue of peace. If nothing else we begin to heal by getting along. So many wrongs can be undone by taking on that philosophy.

I wrote some entries yesterday and everyone was messaging me asking me if I was OK, if I was upset, if my life was in shambles....Yes my life is in shambles, I am happy and I am choosing everyday to be grateful. If you have followed anything I have written before I have written stronger entries and it is all to maybe help someones perception of life. I want to help you by anything I can trigger in you to love and appreciate one another and love. I write to heal. If I can reach one person I have succeeded. The hell with the rest of you! I love you!

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