Friday, April 24, 2015

My Positive Rant

We give of ourselves everyday and expect someone to notice. We love and expect love in return. WE cry and expect someone to console us and show us attention. I say Love unconditionally and expect nothing in return. I say Cry, Laugh and expect love to be received. Sometimes people appreciate quietly. Sometimes we are examples to people that are afraid to express themselves. Sometimes we are a light and a beacon for someones darkness. We are looked upon by someone else and we should not disappoint. We have to remember children do not have a voice. People living in fear and depression are quiet. We need to laugh, Love, enjoy everyday and Give of ourselves to one another. Make up for each others weaknesses and call each other brother and sister in this world we live in we are equal. Equally alone in the large vast universe. We are all connected through that entity called Love. Did I lose half of you? Let me break it down another way....... Quit complaining and be mindful if you have the capacity to understand this post you can understand how to love unconditionally and quit your bitching and moaning. Live your days positive. CHOOSE to be happy.

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