Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Love You All

There is so much to say since I have last been on this blog. I did not forget about it I just did not have anything to say. I know certain people read this and I want to make sure I am as positive as I can be and encouraging with sincerity. I do not want to be hypocritical in my writings.

We are all in an experience for a limited period of time while we are alive. We have a daily task to accomplish. Each of us has their own agenda and task to complete. I sincerely hope we all have discovered what we are here for. I have known my "calling" since I was a very young person. I love people and helping people. I am in a position at my job where I can make a difference in peoples life every day. I can only make a difference if I am approachable. I can only make a difference if I am willing to humble myself in front of people. I started this blog initially to help people overcome their fears in expressing themselves in art. I wanted to share to everyone how to create their own courage to express themselves without fear. This blog evolved into a discussion on how to create our lives. Create like an artist would. Dream of the image, and then create it. We do that on a daily basis.

We are creators of our own lives. If we focus on stressful situations we become the situation. If we have faith to overcome eventually it will be overcame. WE are always so resilient as humans. We seem to find a way. I am so confident that we were given this birthright to be as strong as the entity or power that created us. WE just have to tap into that power that rests in us. We have to awaken that force we have inside and use it daily to create. Create a world that is amazing and wonderful.

In the past I would worry for all the bad that "could" happen that eventually bad would follow. I would be in such a despair of all the bad things happening to me that was my focus. Am I saying that we are the cause of everything in our lives? All I am saying is that we can raise the odds in our favor with more faith than what we work with at present. We can surely have a fighting chance if we do not worry for what is in store and appreciate what is in front of us. For all that happens in our experience is for the good. We are always overcoming and character always gets stronger when we overcome challenges. It is like lifting weights. we get strong with the heavier weights we lift.

I want to use this platform to reach people and convey positive words to maybe help and encourage. I would like to be a small voice in your ear that reminds you we are all going through the same journey and we can lean on our fellow human brother or sister for support. It is possible to live in a world of compassion amongst the shit hole of the world. We just need a place or group to trust.

Ill be back.

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