Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lonely Artist

Lets let it out now. I am sick and tired of so many negative people around me. Why are people so selfish thinking of themselves and how they are so sad and upset about something that they want to include everyone in the world to their misery. It really pisses me off to the point where I just want to leave the busy life and be alone. Painting until my last days. Creating my art for myself. A large warehouse where I can hang everything and just stare at it everyday relishing in my masterpieces. Yes they are my pieces of work. They are my creations my babies. I gave my works birth. I gave them a soul. All art works have a soul. Some have empty souls. Some have passionate souls. Some have angry souls. Some have happy joyous souls. We as artists give our pieces of works life. We give them life. Our works inspire others in different ways. Our works give other people life. So I guess the answer to my little paragraph of bitching and moaning and self pitty of being around challenging people is that they all need people like us to inspire them. To love them. TO hug them with our art. To show them affection. The kind of love that humans have to show each other for us to survive. 6 billion or more people in this world and we are cramped with negativity. Dont believe me? Look at the news. But do not let that leave you in depression and despair. There is a lot of good out there. In all this death destruction perverse nature our world is spiralling into we can see hope. Hope in humans. We can see people gasping for love and joy. People looking for change. The kind of change that brings love and hope. Not the Obama change or the Humanistic change. A deep change in our belief system. A spiritual new beginning people are yearning for. We are all looking for a deeper happiness. We need to allow the joy we were born with to permeate through our soul. We need to expose that love from our birthright. Yes it is a birthright that society has robbed us of. Society wants us to be robots. Believing that the technology of today is replacing our joy. But technology is just like a drug desensitizing our emotions. Technology is a way if distracting us from what our soul is trying to feel. A deeper connection to each other. We need to connect with each other on a deeper level. Talk face to face not text. Call or visit to say I Love You. Not a text or email. travel to visit that loved one. Take the future event of regret out of the possible equation and feel the joy from contact. We are headed in the wrong direction. Turn this technology into an enhancement to our lives and not a detriment. I am using technology to reach some of you knuckleheads that look into this little screen for your information on life. Intead of talking to the elders about love and life you "google" it. You might find a great opinion. Have you ever talked to a person with life experience and have tea or coffee sitting talking to mom or uncle and auntie about life? Or a good friend? No. You would rather chat or text randomly to strangers. Go on a forum. Game until the wee hours of the morning numbing yourself from the world while your little children turn into adults. And then they wonder why they are all screweed up? Where were you? Distracted. Years ago it was the alchohol or drug. Now it is technology interrupting our lives. I might be overreacting. I might have it wrong, I know. Think the way you want. I closed my facebook. I deleted 12 of my 14 email accounts. LOL I have streamlined my life on the grid. My focus is on me and my loved ones. My loved ones are focused on themselves. I still love them. They are distracted like you. But I have hope that the values I have beat into them all these years and the loving I kissed them and hugged them with will prevail. I will never give up on you. I will never go away to the solace of my fantasy life of being a hermit artist. I will always be here for you because I love you. Wake up people! If you think I offended you then good! I got through.


  1. Interesting post. I deleted my facebook account months ago and blogging is my tool for connections to other artists who also are busy working alone, like you and me. I'd rather find that connection, even if brief and in between my own artistic creations, right here on the internet. When I am out wandering or running errands, people pass me and we never connect. It's a cold, fast world. But, at least here in blogger land I can find connection more abundant in one place with other artists/creatives. I find it lonely searching in the real world and trying to find other artists like me. I'd rather stay home....and draw, paint, etc...but, we all need inspiration and connection of like kind. I am thankful for how far and wide the internet reaches, and how easily it is for me to choose who I want to connect with and who I do not.

  2. I have no Facebook acct and don't plan on joining. I blog with my friends and share creativity, words, hugs, etc. Thank you for your post, very enlightening and also thanks for following me, I will reciprocate. Nice meeting you and look forward to your posts. Take care.