Friday, October 14, 2011

What to paint?

I love the expressions I see on the peoples face when they view my work. It is very humbling. If they object to my work and yet they like the medium I use I made them smile. If they like my work all the better. At least they are looking. I am not the most talented artist in the world or even in my little world. I love creating and have a passion for it. It does not matter if the masses are out there asking me to create more work as long as I am appreciated by a few. If I can make a handful smile and feel joy from my work it is a good thing. there are so many artists that look for attention and validation that they are great or better than the next guy. I know some amazing visual creators and they are the most humble low key persons and yet they are so gifted and people flock to see them. They have a passion they have the talent and the ability to be gigantic and yet they choose to be humble and just do it for the love. I agree.

I observe the art lovers that go to the shows and art walks. They go with a passion to see new works. They want to be stimulated with uniqueness, color and texture. They want to be wowed. I know when I look at others people work I do not look at the technique or I sit there and critique their process. I look at the energy involved in creating that piece. i look at the way in which it was created. I want to meet the artist and look at his work with him to see his eyes when he looks ast his piece. I enjoy the conversation and their story behind the piece from their own mouths. That is so interesting and I appreciate their piece even more.

I had a few art shows this weekend. I would watch people walk up to my works and ask me if I was the artist. they were intrigued at my medium(metal). And they asked of the process. They loved the texture. I was even told "I like the medium more than I like the work" I love honesty. That helps me know that my stuff is not for everyone and do not take it personal. In that particular show I decided to create flowers, abstracts, butterflies, koi and a couple of faces. Not too dramatic. kind of conservative. I think people sometimes look for shock and awe. They want eroticism. I just want to show the color and texture. I want to fill a room with energy. When you get into subject matter it limits the persons ability to enjoy the piece. If it is a nice colorful piece, abstract then you have a larger audience. More pople can be appreciative of the metal and it's texture. A few dramatic pieces with subject matter will help. Some general imagery. Then they can see the metal can be used as a canvas as well. To fit their choice of imagery.

Again I defer back to people generally wanting dramatic paintings to derive some kind of emotion. To bring them back to a time in their lives. to draw emotion. I want to create a good feeling in people. I want to start creating for the soul. A good feeling piece. Something natural. Something organic. Something we can all relate to. Nurturing. Warm and friendly. I guess I am getting soft. Is there a market for this in this world. Can that type of imagery exist in today's art imagery where most art looking for gross, erotic and controversial? If you are reading this comment below and give me your thoughts as an artist or an art lover. Or as a basic comment on your thoughts!

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