Saturday, July 23, 2011

Today Is NOT Yesterday

As I sit here contemplating what to write as to be so smart and witty I wonder why sometimes I do this. I try and look through the other side of my words to the person that reads my writings. Why are they reading my thoughts? Are they getting any kind of comfort or re-assurance of something? Is for entertainment? I wonder why you are here.

Then I ask myself many more questions as I continue to write and suddenly realize....I am not writing for you or them. I am writing for me. I am writing because I need to. I need to let this shit out. I need to make sure that I am an open book. I need to be thankful for all that I have in my life from the smallest bit of joy. I need to let others know that the most important piece of pour lives we need to be thankful for is our joy. Our happiness. All the material things in the world cannot measure up to the joy few of us have in our lifetime. Pure joy. To me pure joy is being completely being happy where you are at in life.

 I look at the news and see that 80 some children were murdered from an unhappy person at their summer camp. What drives a person to such depths? Before and after that report there were other murders and missing mother’s daughter’s babies killed husbands shot in war families and towns being wiped out in the name of their God. And so on and so on. I turn on the TV and listen to 5 minutes. That is all it takes for me to go crazy with ugly thoughts. So I change the channel. Same thing on the next one. I turn off the TV. I stop myself from asking the same question. What is the world coming to? I do not want to waste time worrying about the impending catastrophe. 2012. If I waste my time worrying over 2012 and tonight was my last night to live because I was not aware that there was a banana peel waiting for me at the top of the staircase. I want to enjoy my life for the time I am so privilege to have. I want to enjoy this moment loving my family. I want to dream big. I want to love. I want to create artwork that makes me happy. I want to bring together colors that give life. Shapes that inspire thoughts of joy. I want to trigger that smile in someone where there was sadness. I want to inspire because paying back for the love that was bestowed my way by a community of artist had the love to share with me. To accept me as a brother. To call me an artist like them. To show me the gift that I suppressed most of my adult life. To help me realize that we are all artists at our core with the power to CREATE our lives as we want.

 I give back by writing to you the person reading this. I want to tell you how easy it is to be happy. How easy it is to make a choice. Make the conscious choice to turn off all the negative in your life and quit making excuses. We all know we have tragedy in our lives. We all know to expect death. Disease. Horrific situations we have to endure at some point. This is to be expected. Trauma is something that will ultimately be a part of our life. This we cannot control. We cannot control the actions of others. We can control our internal actions. We can control the decision we make to hate love cry mourn anger....we can control our emotion. Humans are resilient. We are strong. We have the capacity to calm in the face of adversity. We have the strength to feel joy again after our time of mourning for a loved one. We have the power to avoid falling apart when a tragedy occurs. We have the might in our character to bounce back and be positive and SEE ourselves stronger. Challenge yourself daily to find love in your daily journey. Challenge yourself to reach out to someone every day and encourage, inspire and love. Keep life simple.

Go to a children’s hospital and visit the terminal children dying from cancer and see how they are filled with joy and love. How can they feel that way with such physical odds? How can they love? Ask them. Tune out the negative and enjoy today. TODAY. Today is special because we have a chance to right yesterday’s wrong. Today we have a chance to feel joy. It is a new day.

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