Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Negatively Influenced

I can tell you that creating a positive life takes positive thoughts and hopes and dreams. In order to have a joyous life you have to feel joy. Etc....... It is easier said than done. Creating and magnificent life takes work. It takes the breaking of bad habits of negative thoughts. Daily negative routines. Constant barrage of bad sadness in our minds. Being around those negative people in our lives. Most of these people are in our own households. Some are around us like flies. We cannot seem to run from them. I know that most of you have issues with that when you read my advice. I know I have these issues. I have family and special people in my life that are always so negative and full of drama. All I can manage to do is hope that my positive example helps them realize. Every once in a while I lose my mind and speak my mind. Speak how I hate this and that what they are doing. I get so wrapped up in the drama I become just like them. I worry about all the crap that is going on. Instead of being a positive influence on them I add to their misery. Misery loves company. I have to check myself daily. I have to avoid these circumstances if I am not ready to be in front of it. I have to be ready mentally and emotionally for it. I can be weak and get caught up right in it. We have to train ourselves to stay on our course. We have to maintain that joy. In order to continually create a wonderful happy and joyous life we have to stay POSITIVE.
I watched myself dismantle. I fell apart at the seams. I encouraged the negativity. I added to the despair. Why? Because to begin with I went against my first instinct to stay away from the negativity. We have to listen to that inner voice. I know there are some moments where we have to take a stand. Or we think we have to say our peace. Just make sure when the peace is delivered it is peaceful. And when the term saying your piece doesn’t involve yelling or screaming that peaceful word to another. Saying your peace is just that. Expressing your love and concern over a certain matter and then finding a solution if need be.
So can we co-exist with family and friends who are negative 24/7? Yes I believe we can. We have to be very strong and full of love and light. We have to be that beacon of light and hope that they can rely on. If we are who we aspire to be in our joy then they can be as they are and feel very comfortable knowing that you are a pillar of strength. They can eventually stand beside you and celebrate their change and through your inspiration for them to create a better life. Things will change. 

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