Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Wish I COuld.....

Ok lets talk about it for a bit. Positive attitude. Does it afect our art? I think it does. If we have a negative attitude we can use our art to bring us out of it by creating something beautiful. But on the other hand if we are negative to the point where we are angry could that impede our creativity? Yes I think so on that point as well. CAn we create better art work with either? I guess it depends on the person. Im confused. SO should I make myself agry sad and depressed so I can create a certain color scheme? Or should I get high or something to make myself create something out of this world. The laughing process also triggers the release of dopamine (your body’s version of morphine). It’s the same chemical, released in response to torture of the body, that causes the “runner’s high”. And, most people find laughing more fun than running a marathon. LOL. SO...we can laugh while we are painting and get high in the process. SO there is something to be said for having a positive attitude and being happy all the time. Or at least most of the time. Why not all of the time? Well..let us face it there is something we call life and all of it's events. Death, sickness, tragedy....etc..

We have to give of ourselves as artists. We have to feed our soul if we want to maintain an insane level of happiness and positivity. Sometimes in our life we are put into positions where we think are ridiculous. Or are they? Did we ask for these situations or did they randomnly happen to us? I think we ask for shit all the time. To tell you the truth most of our life's problems or situations are a direct reflection of our decisions and thought process. We ask for it enough we get it. If I worry so much about getting in an accident and worry worry to the point of obsession with worry over it. Guess what.....WAMMO it will happen. I know. Doubt. But true. I saw myself an artist. I had not ever done a show for my life or been a part of any art related function and I created myself a life full of artist friends and now I have a wonderful network I can reach out to. I am an artist. I was unhappy with myself in job situation. Thinking of the unhappiness and the rut. It was a great paying job but I was not happy. I saw myself doing something more rewarding. I craved it. I envisioned it. I cried over it. I dreamt it. Make a long story short....I am in a job where I could only dream about and love it. I meet new people and get a chance to touch others lives. I am touched by others. Not physically of course. For now I am here.

I created my own life. My children see me happy. All of the people closest to me that knew of my emotional state of mind see the change. All because I had enough and saw myself in change. Appreciated where I was at the moment and was patient. Thanked God for giving me what I had all these years. Appreciated what he brought me. But I asked for a change and knew it would happen. It did. People always say..." Life IS Not Perfect" Yes it can be. It can be as perfect as you want it to be. It can deliver a perfect answer to your request. It can become a perfect cause in effect to what you see in your heart soul and mind. Think about it for a minute. Do you daydream of what you can be or want to be? After you daydream do you walk towards the dream even if it is a small step towards touching that dream into reality? Or do you just sit back and watch it like a movie fantasy that can never happen because of your alledged limitations? LOL.

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