Friday, April 1, 2011

Boo Hoo

WE all have the life long ability to become who we want to be. I do not care who you are and what excuse you give me. There are circumstances that re direct our paths and I think for the most part we allow these incidents to discourage us from improving and head towards that goal of what we want to achieve. As artists we have road blocks that come in artistic form. We find ourselves searching for new and fresh ideas, We worry about what others think of our work. If we create our art for supporting our livelihood then we become filled with anxiety if we don't measure up financially to accommodate our needs. Then we set ourselves up for failure. Then we turn our passion into a serious negative part of our life we dread. We call it work. Some artists get caught In a trap and turn their passion into work. Hard work. Like going to the dentist. Waking up dreading the thought that we have to create new and fresh ideas to make the public happy. Or worse creating what the public wants day after day and having someone direct your creativity. How do we lose this control? How does someone lose control of their happiness? They allow it. We never lose control. We choose to. We choose to kill ourselves and turn our work into something we despise. instead of the passion and fire for our creative process we have a discontent and resentment for the public because the picky pickys want a certain color or imagery. where am i going down this path? I am explaining how not to turn your passion into work. How to in fact turn your work upside down and make it your passion. Whatever you do in life make a point to go through the process day by day with a fire! Create with a fire. love in your heart.Think of the people you will make happy with what you create. The human spirit is worth it. The love of making someone connect with your piece is a wonderful emotion. Transform yourself into a creator of emotion through your art. Practice creating at work. Create happiness in your work environment and feel good about what it is you do. It does not matter what. wake up and see our environment as a palette. We have so much to create from as artists. See life as inspiration. Positive energy is always flowing and we as artists have to capture that in our daily lives to create our masterpieces. We have to be confident to create and filling ourselves up with happiness is a very natural way to inspire ourselves. I know., Sounds like a crock of shit. If you know me you will understand my thinking. If you don't know me.... It doesn't matter. If you want to continue with your miserable boo hoo existence go right ahead. Do not read my blog. Don't send me your negative comments. Quit sending me your pitiful excuses of why. Instead use that energy flip it and be happy. Use that anger and malnutrition of happiness and look in the mirror and force yourself to love your self. Then get your brush, pen, paper, canvas camera, pencil whatever you use and create yourself something that you love and it doesn't matter if it disgusts are happy.

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