Friday, May 27, 2011

QUit feeling sorry for yourself and feeling sorry for others. Love one another but quit feeling that pitty party. We all have such a wonderful poiwer to be happy and yet we do not use this power. I always encourage my loved ones to learn how to create their happiness. And in essence we are all true artists because we create daily our truth. WE donot create the truth and is righteous about us but we surely create some truth about us that is exterior anyway. Our soul sometimes takes a back seat to what we really want to be. We do not listen to that inner voice of reason. WE aregue with ourselves and want to be happy but we decide to be miserable. We decide to be unhappy in our daily lives because we use excuses. Excuses to be unhappy. WE look in the mirror and we see the reflection. WE see a reflection that is distorted to begin with. We see a reflection that is backwards and shows us doing things the exactly opposing way that we are actually moving. Why do we judge so harshly others of the exterior when we do not see the beauty and perfection in our fellow human being. We are all connected in this earth and yet we choose to put each other down. Treat each other with disrespect. We wallow in our self pitty and blame everyone around us that is happy. Why cant we be happy. We also envy others and their lives because they seem to be happy. We waste time in  obsessing the lives of others it comes.....because they are happy. Why cant we just be happy for being happys sake. Why does there have to be a reason to be happy when all we have to do is stop everything and smile. Think of ONE thing that we can smile about in our lives. and dont smile that fake ass smile we smile when the photographer says cheese. A smile that comes from the soul. A joy. We need to feel joy. We need to truly feel the joy. We need to let the world see us vulnerable in our own skin. Vulnerable to laughter and happiness. Why is it that being happy is a lot harder work than being miserable. Well chances are that we know many people that are miserable and they use us to dump all their garbage. I do not mind listening. But now I listen just to listen. I do not use the opportunity to give them self pitty. I try to encourage and if they are not encouraged then I cannot do nothing for them. I can only show love and encouragement. I do not want to carry the loadthey have been carrying. It is heavy. They have been using that excuse to be unhappy and they want everyone around them to help them continue. They seem to think that that is the way they get attention. They would get more attention with love. Laughter and happiness. I talk to people and I tell them to forget their troubles and just turn the negative off like a switch, They say that is impossible. I tell them that they are wasting their lives. They say it is so much to get rid of. They tell me they have been unhappy for too long and they are used to it. and yet they complain of these problems all the time adding to it with depression and anxiety. They stress out so much it causes physical problems. I can go so many directions with this one. It is simple. We are wasting our time being unhappy because we are spending all our time complaining of how bad our lives are. We should be spending our precious time being happy. If we decide to wast ethe day upset and arguing with loved ones then we die that same day.....we leave our families with the bad memories. We create destiny for them based on our last actions. We waste our last day in that worthless self pitty. Wake up and smile. Feel joy. Change the way of thinking and love your neighbor. Sound corny. Ok. Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself and waste your days. I am just saying.                                                                      

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