Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Create From The Soul...

When we think of something to create we think of the inspiration and how it relates to the moment. We look at the color and texture and passionately strive to speak through the composition. When we complete the piece we feel a sense of relief that we have given our soul to the world. We have divulged a part of ourselves and let go a secret. When we create we sooth our pain. When we create we resolve and heal. When we give birth to a new piece we let go of something that is not ours. It is the worlds. Someone is destined to change because of the love we gave our medium. If we connect with our work we are doing the right thing. If we give life to our art we are reaching out. If we don't....we are dying. We are compromising. We are in essence committing suicide. Let it go. Create with you soul. Paint, sculpt, photograph do with your medium what your heart and soul guides you to manipulate it. Reach out to the world. Be an artist. Be a creator. Love your work. Let it go.

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  1. there is some wisdom here in these thoughts ...

    >> Gina