Saturday, November 9, 2013

The path most traveled is the most painful!

Sometimes I wonder why some people leave their house in he morning. Are they on a mission to make the rest of the world miserable? I watch the news and see the news anchor/reported relaying the days news with a smile. Happily reading the teleprompter like if they are reading they just won the lottery. They are so desensitized, they are actually reading about murders, gang wars, child abductions, molestations, wars, threat of Terrorism, acts of terrorism and so on and so forth. We listen and are emotionless like it is what is expected and we are not surprised. We are glued yet with no emotion. We need it like if it is part of our daily diet, routine and so on. Where di we fall off the face of the earth. When did we not care anymore. I know it is nothing we can do. There was once a time when I would come to work and everyone was upset about the world events or local tragedy. The morning cooler topic was how awful we must feel for the loved ones. Now the topics are so random. We don't care. I realize we cannot do anything about it. I realize it is a choice of humanistic needs. People want drama and they want to be a part of it. They ask for it. They become it. They create it.

Why can't we create a wonderful happy environment for ourselves. Surround ourselves with positive people when we have the control to do so. If we don't surround ourselves with positive thoughts. We can make our own difference. We can make that change internally excluding the outer influences. Boy! That is a lot of work. It is not easy and I never said it was. But it is a worthwhile choice. Stick around and we can show you how to travel that path with us. You are not alone.

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