Friday, December 28, 2012

Artist in a FUnk

I sit here contemplating my next creation. There is so much to express in my life. I want to be colorful. I want to show the world how to be happy. I want to create for myself a life of color. A life of happiness. I want to live my pieces. Or say, I want to give life to my my pieces. Does that make sense? Connecting to my audience is so important. My audience is anyone that is inspired by my hand. My hand of created works. Works that come from my soul. Whether it be in my writings, paintings or advice that is given. I love inspiring people to create for themselves a life of joy. It is so hard for us as humans to be consistent in feeling a sense of happiness in our lives with all the media in the world spewing out and sensationalizing negativity on all fronts. War is a story to be told in 3D. Human violence and suffering are colorful like a video game. It is ever growing and addicting on the television. We cannot get enough we go on the Internet looking for more of the same. We are stimulated in a very grotesque way. WE love to see the human drama unfold and we do not have to go far. We even stand in a crowd gathered to see a traffic accident or tragedy in the street around our city to get a glimpse of human tragedy, like watching an episode of your favorite TV Cop Drama or reality show. For those of you that do not have a clue of what I am talking about, go somewhere else and read someone Else's blog. This is about life. this is about a creators life. You Me. We are all creators. We are all artists inspiring others to find their path to creativity. We are all capable of directing our own reality. Destiny is truly in our hands. The power we seek is already in us. We have to know what that power is before we can use it. We have to know the source before we believe in the sources creation. We are that creation. We are that power. If it sounds like a crock of you know what then go. Get out. Go patronize another blog. Join the mundane. Listen to cancer. Let the disease control your joy. My joy is here. Reminding one another of the beauty of life. The life that is our choice. The choice is to feel free from pain. The pain from our surroundings. The surroundings that compel us to be distracted from who we truly are. We are an extension of our creator. Our creator is Love. Eternal Love. Love that cannot be quenched. Love that can only be strengthened by any situation. Tragedy needs love to intervene for healing. Interaction with family is Pure love. Birth of life is Love. Laughter is outpouring of love overflowing. Loving on another unconditionally is a gift. The gift of love is free to acquire and give. The effort involved in Loving is either a worthy sacrifice or an act of Love in itself. My words are full of Love for you who needs to read them. If they do not make sense I understand. If they resonate in you a familiar feeling let me know. Share with me, teach me help me grow as well. If I offend you let me know. Or leave. I do not want to hurt you. I CREATED THIS FOR YOU. I ramble for you. If I have a vision to write. I write. If I have a vision to paint I paint. If I have a vision to love I love. I passionately live. Where I was dead before I find the courage to be alive. I find the courage to create. Stepping forward to an unknown is courageous. Moving forward is fulfilling. Asking for help is humbling. Humbling yourself is strengthening your character. Holding that hand of another soul in pain is worthwhile. Learning from it is life changing. Create my friends. Live! Love! Laugh and feel joy.

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  1. I think your work is awesome and you do inspire. Happy New Year to you and yours.