Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In LALA Land

This has been a wonderful year for me. I have created for myself a wonderful experience. I am thankful to our God in the heavens for giving me this great gift be able to create my life out of the promise he gave us through his son. It is a wonderful premise. We think it. Feel it. Believe it. See it. Be thankful we have already recieved it. And then we shall recieve it. If we do not have full faith in that which he has promised how do we expect to prosper in any capacity. If we do not acknowledge his presence in our lives and the son he sent down to let us know all the secrets, how do we expect to expect anything at all.

there are people that say we are destined for what we are destined for. I say we are destined for what we ask for. If we set in motion the negative aspect of our lives then we are not living by faith. We are already giving up hope. If we live by faith then we already live believing we have recieved what was primised to us. What was promised to us was his almighty power. that power is within us. It is a carbon copy of our creator. I am not going to sit here and quote scripture. I am not going to give you a scientific analysis of our being and what we are here for or as we say "our purpose" I will say give it a try. Believe with all your heart. Be happy and joyful with all your might. Feel his love in you and have no doubt you already have recieved. I guarantee you will prosper. Prosper in happiness out weighs any monetary goals you will set for yourself. If you are happy completely you can create for yourself anything you desire. It will be attracted to you. So. Quit your bitching and moaning and get to work creating a wonderful life for yourself.

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